Crutches and a Loosened Clutch: Lessons from a Limp

“We can’t let you leave here with a limp like that. We’re going to teach you to walk with a crutch,” my physical therapist informed me during my first visit. Though I was thankful to be able to walk with less pain, the crutch served as yet another reminder that I wouldn’t be back on... Continue Reading →


A One Way Ticket from Suffern

“I’m gonna get an Uber and go home. Are you coming?” Aladdin asked as he swatted at one of five mosquitos feasting on his arms. “This is like a really big decision for me, and I don’t make small decisions easily, so I’m going to need at least an hour,” I explained as calmly as... Continue Reading →


“Why did you leave me?!” I hollered to Nutmeg and Bad Access. They’d been away from camp for over an hour, incorrectly assuming I’d been asleep. Not wanting to wake me, they had eaten breakfast at a waterfall. Logically, I knew they probably hadn’t abandoned me and would be back soon. Noting their missing food... Continue Reading →

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